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We are your complete source for Tape! Our stock assortment contains over 1,000 different tape items so you are sure to find the right size or style for your application needs. We also offer you the two most trusted brands in tape, 3M & IPG, both of which are known for delivering high quality and reliable products.


Best Pack
Best Pack - The Total Tape Sealing Solution

Sealing and Taping Machines: Carton Sealers, Case Formers and Case Erectors

An automatic packaging and taping machine system combined with specially formulated carton sealing tape is what you need to optimize your company's operational efficiency and reduce production costs.

BestPack is the total tape sealing solution with specially formulated lines of carton sealing tape, namely, Acrylic tape and Hot Melt tape, as well as 80 different models of carton sealing machines: carton sealers, case formers and case erectors.

Durable Carton Sealing Tape: Both our popular Hot Melt and Water-based Acrylic carton sealing tape complement our successful line of carton sealing equipments. ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified carton sealing tape that are specially formulated for use with carton sealers, combined with our carton sealing machines, allow for a consistent and quality seal each and every time.

High Performance and Reliable Taping Machine Produced by BestPack

High Performance Case Erectors: As part of our integrative packaging machinery line, Bestpack supplies high performing case erectors, case formers or box formers to erect cases and fold box flaps prior to final carton sealing or tape sealing. Our wide range of case erectors is engineered for durability and for maximum versatility to deliver the most consistent and efficient case erecting system in the market. Our standard case erector line has been implemented by major international industries and is applicable for a wide variety of case erecting needs. BestPack's comprehensive and innovative case erector solutions are also customizable by our team of expert researchers and developers to engineer the perfect automated case erecting system solution to meet your unique packaging equipment needs.

Reliable Case Sealer or Carton Sealer: With over 90 models of both fully automated carton sealing machines and manual carton sealing machines to choose from, BestPack offers the most diverse line of carton sealing equipment in the packaging industry. A high quality and affordable product, BestPack's case sealer is built to last and is proven to withstand heavy usage. Internationally recognized, Bestpack have been manufacturing the most reliable, competitively priced, durable and highly productive carton sealing machines for the packaging industry for over 35 years. The cornerstone of our success is the belief in continuous investment in manufacturing research and engineering to deliver the most reliable, productive and affordable packaging equipment in the industry and to continue to be the most trusted packaging equipment manufacturer in the world. With many models to choose from, your company will find the perfect sealer that will match your budget and carton sealing needs.

Automatic packaging equipments are great tools to optimize operational efficiency and reduce production cost. In addition to the large number of stock models that BestPack offer, the company is known for its engineering innovations and customization ability. Because packaging needs vary from one industry to another, BestPack offers custom made packaging equipment and automation systems for its clients. Unlike its competitors, BestPack's strength lies in its abilities in custom-build automation packaging equipment. BestPack's engineers consult with our clients to design the most efficient packaging equipment for their industry. BestPack also offers on-site installation and training services to our customers.

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