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AmTopp Division of Inteplast Group
The AmTopp Division of Inteplast Group manufactures three major product lines: BOPP films; stretch wrap, including the X-Treme and LoadStar brands; and plastic compounds, color concentrates and plastic concentrates.

shrink wrapA new generation of stretch film is now available as the result of the marriage of two technologies, metallocene resins and true five layer co-extrusion. Metallocene resins for stretch film are stronger, tougher and clearer than other resins normally used in stretch film. When extruded as part of a true five layer formulation (using a five layer die with an extruder on each layer of the die) they produce a stretch film with much greater physical properties.

Our experienced staff can help you determine the correct gauge films required for conventional or pre-stretch equipment or hand wrap applications. Through state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we offer films which resist punctures, tears, and are capable of more stretch and cling. What this means to you is cost savings in time and money.

Let us show you how we can help you with your specific stretch needs. Systems Pack, with it's national capabilities, is maximizing productivity and cost effectiveness in the stretch wrap industry.

We offer a broad assortment of stretch wrap brands, incuding premium grade cast and blown stretch films from Fox Packaging Services, Paragon Films, Inc., and Galewrap/an ITW Company. Learn more from our Manufacturers.


Paragon Films, Inc.
Both Hand and Machine Stretch Films

GaleWrap/An ITW Company

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